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Reza and his team worked diligently uncovering evidence of misconduct and neglect in a Maryland nursing home.

  • August 21, 2023
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Reza and his team worked diligently uncovering evidence of misconduct and neglect in a Maryland nursing home. He and his trial co-counsel, Tara Kellermeyer from JJS, effectively cross examined Defendant’s nursing staff, administrative personnel, and experts exceedingly well. Through those efforts, we showed the jury that our client’s deceased husband, a 63 year old reverend who survived a stroke, COVID, and kidney failure, died because of the Stella Maris nursing home’s neglect.

Mr. Mack went to the nursing home for post-stroke rehabilitation. Because Stella Maris failed to turn and reposition the resident, he developed a pressure ulcer (aka bed sore). In less than two weeks because of the facility’s neglect, the pressure ulcer was a Stage III wound.  It continued to progress after his discharge from the nursing home, and ultimately caused his death according to a Baltimore County jury.  The jury returned a verdict showing the family their loss matters and we will not accept patients being left to die due to inadequate care where nursing homes continue to cut corners in place of providing quality patient care.

On 8/17/23 Balt Co. Jury found Stella Maris, Inc. liable for negligence and wrongful death
Jury found each amount in non-economic damages for the following:
Rhonda Mack – $1 Million
Daniel Mack – $15,000
Elizabeth Mack – $15,000
Manuel Mack – $15,000
Amount total for non-economic damages – $8 Million
We note that Maryland law has a cap on non economic damages. As a result, the Court reduced the verdict to just over one million dollars. We believe this is unfair, but it is the law in Maryland.