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Workplace issues arise more often than people might think, and employers and employees often face workplace challenges. Whether the business is small or large, our Maryland workplace lawyers can help. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights.

Kinds of Workplace Legalities Our Lawyers Handle

  • Breaches – work, earn-out, sale of a company
  • Executive recompense and severance pay contracts or disputes
  • Unjust termination
  • Unpaid earnings, commissions and/or bonuses
  • Benefits – shares in a company; retirement
  • Misuse of employment/trade secrets
  • Contractual affiliation meddling
  • Unjust and dishonest business practices
  • Interference regarding a tort (an action that causes harm to another
  • individual; whether intentional or not intentional)
  • …and more!

Large and small companies call on us to assist them with avoiding litigation before it goes that far. Our legal team performs investigations, as well as audits (when necessary), review labor policies, customize executive pay contracts, and more.

The lawyers at KBA Attorneys take cases frequently involving employment law. We are familiar with all types of contracts; union agreements, employer/employee agreements. We have handled many cases involving protected concerted activity (when two or more staff members dispute the scale of pay they receive or bonuses they get or don’t get).

Workplace lawsuits happen in Maryland more often than people think, and legal cases vary. All someone needs to do is look at the National Labor Relations Board listed cases, and he or she will see the number is high, and there are many diverse situations regarding labor laws.

Contract Breaches/Disputes Examples

According to the “at-will employment doctrine”, an employee can leave his or her job at any time, for any reason (besides a reason that would violate anti-discrimination laws/regulations). Also, under the “at-will employment doctrine”, the staff member does not need to have “good cause” to leave the job.

Our attorneys have years of experience and diligently work to help clients get the quickest and best resolutions. In some instances, a case does not have to reach the courtroom and can be negotiated and resolved before it goes that far.

Employee Handbook Case Example

Most employers hand out employee handbooks to each new staff member. The handbooks are often viewed as contracts between the boss and the staff member. They are a form of contract. One part of the book might include what happens when a worker is terminated; he or she would receive severance pay, for example. When an individual is terminated and does not receive the promised compensation, he or she might have a legal case. If you are in that situation, our workplace lawyers might be able to file a claim in court for “breach of contract” for you and get you the pay you deserve.

If you are involved in a workplace lawsuit (or believe one might occur), you might want to consult attorneys who are proficient and well-educated in labor laws. There are laws and regulations for all employers. Our lawyers handle these kinds of legal cases daily and are familiar with the Department of Labor and all licensing and regulation laws/rules.

Contact a Maryland Workplace Attorney

Whatever the situation is; unpaid wages, employee/employer contract breaches, workplace discrimination, or another matter that might end up in court (or is already in litigation and is not resolved), contact us or fill out our online application for a consultation. Our Maryland workplace lawyers will work hard to win for you!

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