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Exploding Pressure Cookers/Crockpots

Exploding Pressure Cookers & Crock-Pots:

Staying Safe and Your Rights When Injured

The Attorneys at KBA bring product liability lawsuits when people are injured by failed products, including medical devices and consumer goods like Roundup and Talcum Baby Powder.  Products we use around our homes can also be dangerous, including pressure cookers. (There are differences between crockpots and pressure cookers, but we are conflating the two here.)

We work with outstanding doctors who specialize in treating burn injuries. When we litigate these cases, we consider the long-term consequences. This may involve use of tools like life care plans to cover medical expenses. We also strive to bring our clients’ stories to life so the other side appreciates the past pain and suffering, as well as the permanent change in their daily lives. This is important in cases involving pressure cookers and crock-pots.

Popular, Helpful Appliance with Hidden Risks

Pressure cookers and crock-pots are popular kitchen appliances. They offer convenience and efficiency. With those benefits, come risks. An alarming number of pressure cooker and crock-pot explosions and recalls underscore this reality. People have brought claims alleging serious injuries, including burn injuries.

     Pressure cookers and crock-pots malfunction in several ways. 

Here’s how pressure cookers work in essence. They cook food at high temperatures while trapping heat within the sealed pot. That builds pressure; hence, the name.

These products come in two versions, electric and stovetop versions. They include valves to release pressure before opening the lid. Risks arise from malfunctions that cause the premature release of steam and explosive contents.

The consequences including severe burns, eye injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries. While these risks are true for the adults cooking, children are at a higher risk given their curiosity and occasional proximity to kitchen counters.

The Alarming Scope of the Issue – Recalls and Product Liability Lawsuits

Amazon, Walmart, and others have sold millions of pressure cookers. Amazon recalled some defective products. Along with Amazon, BestBuy recalled nearly 1 million because of burn risks. have been sold, earning them the term “cash cows.” Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers often settle pressure cooker lawsuits out of court to avoid public exposure of the issue. This reluctance to address the problem further highlights the urgency of informing consumers about the risks associated with these appliances.

     Manufacturers and retailers recalled about One Million pressure cooker in recent years.

One sources notes over 20 recalls by various brands. Product liability lawsuits allege that defective safety mechanisms cause steam, boiling liquids, and food to explode or eject from the cooker. Some notable recalls include Crock-Pot, Sunbeam’s Crock-Pot Express Pressure Cookers, Insignia, Breville, and Sensio, among others. These products have been sold online at Amazon and at JCPenney, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Macy’s and Target stores across the country.

     Pressure cooks and crock pots can cause serious injuries, including severe burns.

Failed pressure cookers result on serious injuries ranging from severe burns, to eye injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Thermal burns, caused by scalding liquid or steam, can lead to permanent scarring, disfigurement, and emotional trauma. It is important to consider the long-term consequences of such injuries.

Protecting Your Rights and Safety

If a pressure cooker or crock-pot injured you or a loved one, it is important that you learn about your legal rights. We believe it is important to hold companies accountable by asserting a claim. Consulting an experienced personal injury attorney, whether here at KBA Attorneys or elsewhere, may help you obtain compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, or other damages.

It is essential to remember that even if you purchased a pressure cooker or crock-pot years ago, you may still have a valid case; however, there are important deadlines so contact someone right away. By holding manufacturers, retailers, and distributors accountable, you not only seek justice for yourself, but also contribute to the overall consumer safety.

Contact KBA Attorneys if a pressure cooker or crock-pot injured you or someone you know. 

Pressure cooker explosions and crock-pots are a safety risk. The alarming number of injuries and recalls associated with these appliances necessitates immediate attention and action. By raising awareness about the risks, understanding your legal rights, and seeking appropriate legal representation, we can all help prevent future injuries. Contact us today to learn more.