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Sexual Assault Lawsuit

  • June 13, 2018
  • KBA Attorneys
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Sexual assault in the workplace, in public areas, or even at the doctors office, have become an increasing issue. More than half of women in the United States have experienced sexual harassment.

One in 5 women, and one in sixteen men, have been sexually assaulted while in college. Sexual harassment is against the law, and countless people have brought cases against harassers for discrimination. Victims of sexual assault or abuse can also seek justice, and file a lawsuit against the perpetrator in civil court.

As we have reported, one of the most notable cases of Sexual Assault is with USC gynecologist, Dr. George Tyndall. Four women, who were treated by Dr. Tyndall, have filed a lawsuit against the doctor for his acts of assault and inappropriate conduct. Dozens of more women have stepped forward claiming he assaulted them. USC is under scrutiny for their mishandling of complaints by students against Dr. Tyndall. In fact, USC’s handling of complaints about Dr. Tyndall is being investigated by the federal government. Unfortunately, sexual abuse from a medical professional is not an uncommon crime. At KBA, we have worked with several women who have been through similar situations.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault, you have the option to seek compensation for your injuries. At KBA attorneys, we have worked with victims of sexual assault and trafficking.

  • A number of women have come forward in Alabama after they claim they were touched inappropriately while in the medical office Dr. Michael Dick. He was arrested in January, and charged with two counts of misdemeanor harassment. Many claim a nurse was in the room and did nothing to stop the incident. Alarmingly, his practice remains open and he is currently continuing to see patients.
  • Dr. Larry Nassar’s former boss, and dean of osteopathic medicine at Michigan State University, is going to trial. William Strampel is facing sexual misconduct charges, including groping. His five year personal review included “…several accounts of inappropriate remarks and a number of concerns about uncouth and sometimes offensive language during the review period,” Provost June Youatt stated.
  • Chicago schools have failed to protect their students from sexual abuse and assault. Over the course of a decade, police investigated more than 520 cases of juvenile sexual assault and abuse in Chicago’s public schools. These students became prey, assaulted by adults they trusted. Despite the state of Illinois mandated law to report abuse, teachers and principals failed to alert the police or child welfare investigators.
  • Physician Khalid Moussa, a gastroenterologist in Florida, is being sued by five women who allege sexual assault and battery. He is accused of groping, and inappropriate actions in the examination room. The dates of assault range from 2015-2017. Khalid Moussa continues to practice and see patients, and his Florida license is still valid.
  • A family physician from Ontario, Dr. Peter Schwarz, is facing three counts of professional misconduct from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He accused of making inappropriate and/or sexual comments and engaging in appropriate, and/or sexual behavior and conduct.
  • A UCLA cardiologist, who has been described as a “sexual predator”, is being accused of assault by three female colleagues. One of them includes a former resident, who says he cornered her in a windowless room in the hospital, and sexually assaulted her. He has been temporarily stripped of his medical license.
  • Mark Hoeltzel, a former University of Michigan Pediatric Physician, is under investigation. Allegations include sexual misconduct, child pornography, and a sexual relationship with an 18 year patient. Hoeltzel is also believed to have an inappropriate relationship with an 11 year old girl he met at a University of Michigan arthritis camp. Even after this relationship with an 11 year old girl was discovered, he was not fired.
  • 5 former wrestlers are suing The Ohio State University after claiming they were sexually abused by sports doctor Richard Strauss. “Strauss used this position of trust and authority to sexually abuse Plaintiff on multiple occasions,” the lawsuit reads. Multiple survivors claim they told the administration and their wrestling coach of Strauss’s inappropriate behavior, but nothing was done. Strauss was at Ohio State for over two decades, from 1978 to 1998.
  • A former USA Gymnastics teacher, Debra Van Horn, has been arrested on a charge of a charge of sexually assaulting a child. Van Horn worked with the former team doctor Larry Nassar. Van Horn worked with USA Gymnastics for 30 years. She has been charged with second-degree sexual assault from an alleged incident at the Karolyi gymnastics ranch.


Sexual misconduct is punishable in the civil justice system. If you or anyone you know has been sexually assaulted, you can contact us at KBA today.