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Lime Scooter Defects Cause Injuries

  • March 25, 2019
  • KBA Attorneys
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Lime, a scooter-based ride-sharing app, has recently run into trouble with their software and hardware which has been making their scooters malfunction and cause injuries to the rider.

Most injuries were small bumps or bruises, but a few of them have led to broken bones and more serious injuries that require expensive medical care. Lime is available for public use in 10 countries and roughly 85 U.S. cities currently. This ride-share model is very useful in larger metropolitan areas for quick travel, and is cheaper and more convenient than cars, public transit, or walking. However, the convenience is now coming at a cost to some. Many of Lime’s scooters have been recalled in order to identify and fix the software issue within them.

Lime Scooter Brake Issues

Software errors seem to be to blame for the recent issues with the wheels locking up on Lime scooters, which has sent some riders falling to the ground unexpectedly in dangerous areas of the city. This problem has been documented as a larger issue within New Zealand and Switzerland, however, it is clear that these scooters could pose the same danger in any city as Lime was not able to comment on whether the New Zealand and Switzerland issues were connected and if these issues were occurring on a smaller scale in other countries. Lime’s theory was that a software update to the scooters was causing the scooters to reboot mid-ride, which would instantly active the anti-theft system on that specific unit. While the company is doing all they can to fix these issues, they have also claimed to have reached out to the riders affected by the software issue and are helping them through the process.

Lime Scooters Catch Fire

Lime has not only been experiencing software errors, but hardware issues as well. The lithium batteries that are used to power Lime scooters have been found to occasionally catch fire. The specific kind of scooter that had this issue was manufactured by Segway. Both companies denied fault for the fires, and Segway pushed the blame on to Lime as they were adamant that it was not a manufacturing defect. After a recall of over 2000 units, Lime issues a statement explaining that a welding issue on the scooters was making the batteries short circuit, causing them to be more fire-prone. Segway denies this to be the case, and says that the same products they offer to different companies are created the same way without this dangerous situation resulting. They also believe that improper maintenance and charging are to blame for this issue, as well as issues stemming from rider abuse toward the scooters. Segway believes that those who charge the scooters must be more properly educated on how to do it correctly, and that Lime should instill and require best safety practices in order to keep the scooters safe for public use.

Lime Scooters Breaking

Not to be confused with their brake issues, Lime scooters have reportedly been experiencing cracks at the baseboard section of the scooter. The scooters that have been experiencing this issue were manufactured by Okai, who is based in China. Some independent contractors who work to charge or maintain the scooters had reported cracks and broken parts to Lime, however it did not seem that they took any steps to fix the broken units. Finally a recall had to be issued, and Lime put out a statement saying that they were going to replace the units manufactured by Okai with a higher tech, newer version of what was previously offered. These scooters are mostly used in large metropolitan areas with a lot of traffic, and are specifically ridden in bike lanes or on the sidewalk. This leaves riders in severe danger if the scooter was to break down and throw them into oncoming traffic. One rider, Jacoby Stoneking, fell off his Lime scooter and died as a result of head trauma that could have been sustained by the fall, or by a car hitting him as he fell into the street. The scooter he was riding was found 500 feet away and had been snapped in half.

While scooter ride-sharing is a convenience of the new age of technology we are experiencing, convenience does not excuse injuries to those who are paying to use the service. If you or someone you know has been injured while using a ride-share scooter service, contact KBA Attorneys. With years of experience with defective product cases, we understand the best path towards getting you the financial compensation you deserve after your ordeal. Contact us today or fill out our online application for a case evaluation.