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Cook Medical loses IVC filter case in Houston, Texas.

  • May 25, 2018
  • KBA Attorneys
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Cook Medical loses IVC filter case in Houston, Texas.

The suit was related to their IVC filters, which have been reported to break apart and be lodged into other parts of the body, causing serious injury or death. The suit was filed by Howard Nations and David Matthews, who have been appointed to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee.

Cook Medical must pay 1.2 million to Jeffrey Pavlock, of Houston, Texas. Mr. Pavlock was only 35 when he received a Celect IVC filter implant in 2015. The filter became stuck inside his body after it tilted and lodged in his duodenum and a renal vein. It required three removal procedures, and an open laparotomy surgery to remove. To remove, the metal filter had to be cut into several pieces and dug out. The procedure left him with a 16-inch surgical scar. Mr. Pavlock now faces a 90% chance of suffering spinal stenosis in the future, which can cause severe pain, numbness and muscle weakness, and can last a lifetime.

A study published in 2012 reveals that 100% of the Cook IVC filters perforated and broke apart within 71 days of implantation. All filters showed some degree of vena naval perforation, and 40% were tilted.

There are thousands of IVC filters still awaiting trial. IVC filters are medical devices designed to prevent life-threatening blood clots. But when these temporary filters are left in for too long, they may cause damage to internal organs, severe pain, and even death. As of April 2018, there are 3,826 trials involving Cook Medical Inc. IVC filters pending in Indiana.

Lawsuits like the one described here show that IVC filter manufacturers have failed to adequately alert patients and surgeons of the risk. If you or a loved one has suffered from a defective IVC filter, please contact us. Our lawyers at KBA Attorneys are well versed in the issue and can provide you with advice and help organize your case.