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Attorneys Representing Babies Born Addicted to Opioids Want To Join A Multi District Litigation

  • August 26, 2018
  • KBA Attorneys
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There is a multidistrict litigation that was formed in federal court in Ohio in December in which various cities, counties, and states, among others, have sued opiate drug manufacturers and distributors.

A group of attorneys representing individuals addicted to these drugs would like to join the litigation, including those representing babies born addicted to the drugs. This includes neonatal abstinence syndrome. They are trying to file a motion to create a separate track in the litigation. Other groups have successfully created litigation tracks distinct from the governmental entities, including Indigenous American tribes.

There are many victims of neonatal abstinence (NAS), which can cause serious problems. Thousands of babies are being born with low birth weight and withdrawal symptoms, including seizures and long-term cognitive difficulties. Tens of thousands of infants are diagnosed with NAS every year.

The Court previously denied a request to create a track for these survivors. The attorneys have presented new arguments and are hopeful they can join the MDL. If not, they will likely form state court consolidation actions around the country to fight for justice for these blameless victims of the opiate scourge.

As we have previously reported, many companies, including Purdue Pharma, knew their opioids were widely abused. According to a detailed report, the company was aware of the opioid abuse since its introduction to the market in 1996. The report indicated that the prosecutors involved in the investigation discovered some interesting facts regarding the company’s activities leading up to an opioid epidemic.

At KBA Attorney’s we committed to seeking justice to those suffering from the effects of opioid abuse, including babies and children. Our dangerous drug attorneys are here to help.