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Synovo Total Hip Replacements Added to the List of Hip Replacement Devices KBA is Investigating

  • January 5, 2024
  • KBA Attorneys
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KBA Attorneys Pursue Hip Replacement Cases

Hip replacement failure – a serious issue for patients. It seems hip replacement cases continue to expand. KBA Attorneys have litigated medical device cases for many years. Collectively, we have dozens of years of experience. One type of medical device case we have handled is hip replacements.

Hip Replacement Medical Devices – Active Claims

Physicians use these devices to deal with hip pain and injuries. This may involve, in part, hip resurfacing. Surgeons sometimes implant an artificial hip in patients, which can last 20 years, but can fail. KBA Attorneys represent patients suffering from a hip replacement failure.

KBA is investigating the following artificial hip failure cases:

Synovo Total Hip Replacement

We added Synovo in light of FDA’s recent communication, where it said, Do Not Use Synovo Total Hip Resurfacing. We shared important points in a post, check it out.


(Apr. 2024): more attorney websites catching on about it, references in places to lawsuits being filed, but no filings readily available (not searching each court docket).

(Feb. 2024): have heard talk of filed cases, but not readily finding any. We’re keeping an eye out….

Contact us if you had a hip replacement removed or have problems associated with it.