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eScooter Injury and Claims Update

  • April 22, 2024
  • KBA Attorneys
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We continue investigating and litigating eScooter cases. People suffer broken bones, brain injuries, and death from eScooter related incidents.

Challenges with eScooter Cases – Why We Help Consumers

eScooters can be dangerous. Sometimes the brakes jam suddenly. Sometimes the handlebars collapse and people fly off. To obtain compensation, consumers sometimes have to navigate a complex labyrinth.

These cases can become complex because while there are some large, capitalized manufacturers, many are made in China. That makes holding the company responsible for product liability design defects difficult. Finding them, serving them with a lawsuit, and actually enforcing a judgment are some of the legal challenges consumers face.

In some cases we may try to hold the sellers responsible. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are among some of those potential defendants. Some of these companies try to hide behind federal law like the Communications Decency Act. That law can eliminate liability for companies that basically just publish others content. We do not believe these companies are acting so simplistically.

Other cases involve rentals. Companies like Bird and Lime rent eScooters for temporary use. Those cases involve potential arbitration clauses, which take away consumers’ constitutional right to a jury trial, among issues.

In sum, eScooter injuries introduce consumers into a complex legal world. We try to be there to help.

Recent Updates

The eScooter rental company, Bird, filed for bankruptcy. That could impact the value of cases. It impacts recent claims. It should close soon, so if should not impact future claims.

We’re also actively litigating/arbitrating other claims.

People continue suffering injuries from eScooters. We continue receiving complaints from eScooter users. Collapsed handlebars, sudden accelerations or stops, and other eScooter failures are common.

Contact us if an eScooter injured you or a loved one.