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How To Take Control Of Your Case

  • June 7, 2023
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KBA’s attorneys have a solid record educating the legal community. Other lawyers turn to KBA for second opinions, strategic guidance, and innovative insights.

In this month’s issue of AAJ Trial Magazine, KBA partner Robert Price shares his wisdom on how to engage in strategic battles while keeping a cool head. Although written to – and for – other plaintiffs’ lawyers, his wisdom can help clients as well.

Among the guidance he shares:

  1. Define your priorities – The best negotiators are the ones that have “must have” items, “don’t really need” items, and “willing to let go of” items. By doing this, you will be prepared to make sacrifices, but also well-equipped to make comebacks that will keep you in the fight. Personal injury clients should similarly be thinking about what they want from a matter and where the lines are.
  2. Use actions – Instead of countless heated, unproductive conversations: do something! Actions speak louder than words. Be proactive in getting what you want by issuing a notice or filing a motion, while being careful to never share your strategy prematurely. Applied to clients’ personal injury experience, these matters similarly evoke emotional reactions and can be turbulent. It is important to reflect on the emotional roller coaster that sometimes comes with pursuing a claim. Clients should speak with attorneys about the options available and what’s involved with each to determine the best course, objectively, and to control emotion-based decision making while employing the tools available.
  3. Embrace your weaknesses – By confronting your weaknesses with opposing counsel, you will be able to identify and unpack the points of disagreement so that you can successfully resolve them. This underscores a fundamental truth regarding KBA’s practice – we pride ourselves on playing it straight and not overreaching. Credibility in cases is important and overreaching never helps. Similarly, we expect our clients to not embellish and admit the truth, even if it hurts. The facts are the facts and the worst thing a plaintiff can do in a case is mispresent them.

Overall, the more thoughtful you are with how you handle yourself and your case, the more likely you are to get a positive outcome. Be sure to check out AAJ Trial magazine to hear what else Robert has to say on these topics!

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer that will put you first, contact us and learn how KBA Attorneys can assist your case.