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Diocese of Sioux City Releases List of 28 Accused Priests

  • March 19, 2019
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The Diocese of Sioux City, IA released a list of priests who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing minors. The alleged crimes were reported to have taken place between 1948 and 1995. There are 107 victims who have made allegations against the list of 28 priests.

Lists such as this provide some comfort to those who have suffered from church sexual abuse. Victims are able to see that they are not alone and that others are coming forward with abuse allegations. The dioceses release these types of lists to help survivors find whatever peace they can find and help spread awareness of this awful crime.

List of Credibly Accused Priests

Here is an overview of the list of 28 priests from the Diocese of Sioux City:

  • 22 out of the 28 are dead
  • 1 priest lives in Iowa
  • 5 of the priests live outside of Iowa
  • 15 of the priests have one sexual abuse allegation
  • 13 of the priests have had more than one sexual abuse allegations

The following list of priests provides the name of the priest and status:

Elmore Everette Apt – Deceased
Alver William Behrens – Deceased
Richard Wayne Birdsall – Deceased
Paul Joseph Bruening – Deceased
Jon Francis Cain – Deceased
Jerome Paul Coyle – In a Missouri specialized care facility
John William Cullen – Deceased
Linus Joseph Eisenbacher – Deceased
Clarence Edward Farrelly – Deceased
Louis Henry Greving – Deceased
Victor Everett Kollasch – Deceased
Bruce Anthony Lefebvre – Deceased
Jan Lisowski – Deceased
George Bernard McFadden – Lives outside of Iowa
Bernard Joseph Montag – Deceased
Thomas Joseph Munn – Deceased
Peter Brendan Murphy – Deceased
John Patrick Perdue – Lives in Iowa outside of the Diocese
Ronald Joseph Reicks – Lives outside of Iowa
Ralph William Reinhart – Deceased
Nicholas John Ruba – Deceased
Laurence Frances Schoeppner – Deceased
Donald Joseph Slaven – Deceased
Verne Peter Stapenhorst: Lives outside of Iowa
Fergus Stevenson, OFM – Believed to be deceased
Joseph Edward Tolan – Deceased
Donald William Wingert – Deceased
John Charles Yetmar – Resides outside of Iowa


Sexual Abuse of Minors

All priests on this list were accused of sexually abusing a minor. According to the review board of the Diocese, they consider sexual abuse of a minor is defined as when a clergy member has any type of sexual conduct with a minor. The priests on this list were credibly accused and the Diocese said that during their investigation they considered all the information available to them when determining which priests were credibly accused. Bishop R. Walker Nickless stated that the allegations that went past 1995 were not “credible”.

The list of accused priests often misses names because of the various definitions of “credibly accused” or are carefully created to purposely not list certain officials. The priests from these lists are also very old and most have already passed away.

SNAP, an independent, peer network of survivors of institutional sexual abuse and their supporters, stated in an article that “while we support church officials releasing these lists on their own, we always prefer independent investigations by law enforcement in order to see full transparency and truth revealed.”

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