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Boy Scouts Sexual Assault Cases – November Deadline is Quickly Approaching

  • June 25, 2020
  • KBA Attorneys
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The Perversion Files – thousands of boys suffered because of Scout “leaders.” 

The Scouts can provide an opportunity for young men to learn life skills, to socialize, and to grow. They preach great values. “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” Unfortunately, like many of us, the Boy Scouts of America failed at times and did not live up to its principles. Leaders sexually assaulted or otherwise mistreated many boys over many decades. Now, survivors have an opportunity to recover financial compensation for what they endured.

Litigation revealed the “Perversion Files.” These confidential files identify and detail suspected sex abusers. The Boy Scouts locked these files away for decades. The Los Angeles Times presented a series of groundbreaking stories on the files, along with the most comprehensive database of the cases ever published, including 1,900 files and 3,100 case summaries spanning 1947 through 2005. Now survivors can hold BSA accountable.

The Boy Scouts have claimed bankruptcy. 

Survivors can bring several claims, including negligence. Put simply, the Scouts had a duty to prevent adults from abusing children. They should screen members to identify offenders. Some parents complained, but the Scouts failed to investigate. Additionally, some abusers remained in the organization.

After many lawsuits asserting these claims, the Scouts claim they cannot pay the expected claims. Over 800 boys initially accused the Scouts of failing to protect them from sex abuseNew reports explained that, amid declining membership and child sexual abuse allegations, the Scouts filed for bankruptcy protection.

KBA’s attorneys litigate these kinds of cases.

The attorneys at KBA handle sex abuse cases. Partner Derek Braslow has been fighting for survivors passionately in many venues, from clergy abuse cases, to cases against medical providers. Attorney Christina Graziano is an aggressive advocate for survivors who has similarly taken on large, sophisticated Defendants fighting for justice. KBA is representing many Boy Scouts victimized by the BSA. Contact us if you are a survivor.

What is sexual abuse?

You have a Sexual Abuse Claim if you experienced sexual abuse in Scouting. The sexual abuse must have occurred on or before February 18, 2020. Examples of sexual abuse include the following:

  • Conduct or misconduct, sexual abuse or molestation, sexual exploitation, sexual touching, sexualized interaction, sexual comments about a person’s body, or other verbal or non-verbal behaviors that facilitated, contributed to, or led up to abuse, regardless of whether or not such behavior was itself sexual or against the law and regardless of whether the child thought the behavior was sexual abuse at the time.
  • Behavior between a child and an adult and between a child and another child without regard to whether such activity involved explicit force, whether such activity involved genital or other physical contact, and whether the child associated the abuse with any physical, psychological, or emotional harm.
  • Penetration or fondling of a child’s body, body-on-body contact, or non-contact behaviors such as observing or making images of a child’s naked body, showing or making pornography, or having children behave in sexual behavior as a group.

Contact us if you would like to discuss this matter.