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Ketterer, Browne & Associates has an Educational Institutional Sexual Assault Practice Group draws on vast experience in survivor advocacy to provide individuals and families exceptional representation in their efforts to find some measure of justice and accountability from their schools and institutions. This group is headed by KBA attorney, Christina Graziano. KBA’s client-centered approach to these cases starts with assessing the needs and goals of each individual survivor.

Holistic Approach to Serving Survivors

KBA distinguishes itself by partnering with leading advocacy and support organizations and by representing clients in the state and federal civil court systems. KBA understands that survivors’ rights are often violated and their voices silenced in ways that harm their chances of bringing a civil lawsuit, since prosecutors represent the interests of the state—not the survivor, and they have competing demands. Through on-going training and experience, KBA’s attorneys are knowledgeable and well-prepared to help school and educational institution assault survivors navigate the civil court system and will advise survivors on the legal avenues through which they can pursue justice and effectuate meaningful change, and they do so while working with survivors in a holistic way.

Civil Advocacy for Survivors

KBA has successfully litigated cases concerning Title IX, sexual assault, sexual abuse, child abuse, premises liability, drunk driving, and other injuries resulting from negligent hiring and supervision. When educational institutions let students down, KBA is there. You can read about KBA’s recent activities here:

Title IX

All schools and educational institutions that receive federal funding have a duty under Title IX to:
• Prevent sexual violence and harassment;
• Investigate sexual violence and harassment that does occur and impose discipline on the perpetrator;
• Offer survivors of violence and/or harassment adequate accommodations to ensure the survivor receives the full benefit of their education; and,
• Protect the survivor from any form of retaliation by the school, the perpetrator or anyone else for reporting the violence and/or harassment to the school.

Survivors may seek money damages and a court order requiring the school to change its policies to comply with Title IX. You can find out more about Title IX here and here. Attorneys at KBA have recently filed lawsuits against Concordia Preparatory School in Towson, MD for violations of Title IX. You can read more about those lawsuits on our blog.

Other Sexual Abuse Cases

Educational institutions have a duty to protect minors. Survivors or their families can hold them liable if an employee or volunteer sexually assaults or abuses a child. Schools face liability when they fail to protect students from abuse. Attorneys at KBA have vast experience litigating clergy and other sexual assault and abuse cases and have helped clients achieve justice. Learn more about our sexual assault practice here.

Contact an Attorney About Sexual Assaults at Maryland Schools

If you or a loved one was sexually assaulted or harassed at a school or educational institution in Maryland or elsewhere, please contact us without delay. Sexual assault lawyers from KBA Attorneys offer professional and confidential legal assistance to victims of sexual assault. We will fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.