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About KBA Attorneys

Ketterer Browne and Anderson Attorneys

Passionate Professionals. Committed Attorneys.

At Ketterer Browne and Anderson (KBA) our number one priority is advocating for the best result for our clients. We believe that communication, transparency, and trust are the foundation of a great relationship with our clients and are the hallmarks of superior representation.

We strive to ensure that our firm and its attorneys are accessible. As a client, you are respected individuals, not numbers in an inventory.

As our relationship grows and your case matures, our focus shifts to aggressively litigating your case to achieve the highest quality outcome.

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Our Approach

Time spent in sharpening the axe may well be spared from swinging it.
- Josiah Strong, 1901


We believe that communication, transparency, sincerity, and trust not only form the foundation of a great client relationship, they also comprise the true hallmarks of competent legal representation. Our prior success stems in part from always being direct with opposing counsel and only bringing meritorious, well-supported claims before courts.


The lawyers at KBA and our litigation teams continuously strive to ensure we remain accessible and forthcoming, and, above all, respectful of and to all of our clients as survivors of challenging experiences - not as unknown case numbers in an inventory. We fight hard but play by the Rules.


We embrace each opportunity to represent people of any and all backgrounds, to provide a voice for the victims of both corporate and individual wrongdoing, and to stand up and fight for the causes in which we believe.


Lawyers with whom we have worked and who refer cases to us have called us, machines. We work all hours of the day and fight for our clients. We treat each case as if it's headed to trial because, despite our best efforts at settlement, sometimes the only place to secure justice is in the courtroom. So from our first conversation to the final gavel, we will guide you every step of the way.


If we've learned one thing during our years spent practicing law, it's to always be prepared. By drawing on decades of courtroom experience and our own continuous legal research, we’re ready for anything and everything an opposing counsel might send our way during your litigation.


Results matter – especially when it comes to compensation for your hospital bills, injuries, or pain and suffering. At KBA we stand committed to achieving a full - and fair - resolution for each and every one of our clients.

Managing Partners

At Ketterer Browne & Anderson, we have the experience, resources and resolve to see your case through to a full and fair resolution. Get to know our attorneys.

Brian Ketterer, Esq.

Brian Ketterer

Partner (Licensed in PA)
Justin Browne, Esq.

Justin Browne

Partner (Licensed in MD)
Peter T. Anderson, Esq.

Peter Anderson

Partner (Licensed in MD, VA, DC)

Of Counsel and Associates

Michael Appel, Of Counsel

Michael Appel

Of Counsel
Derek Braslow, Of Counsel

Derek Braslow

Of Counsel
Julie Ferraro, Of Counsel

Julie Ferraro

Of Counsel