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Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse is an issue that has unfortunately become quite common. Abuse in nursing homes affects the whole elderly care industry; regardless of the cost of a facility, the demographic of people in a facility, or the level of professionals working there.

Bruises, broken bones, malnutrition, emotional abuse and signs of sexual abuse are all too common at nursing homes across the United States. Sometimes the signs of abuse are undeniable, but most other situations are a bit more obscure. The patient could show signs of a potential issue, but there might be little evidence to confirm the allegations. Utilizing the help of a nursing home abuse attorney can be beneficial to protect your loved one and bring their abusers to justice.

When Should You Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?

There is no need to wait when it comes to contacting law enforcement or an attorney when suspecting potential nursing home abuse. While the option of speaking with someone at the nursing home facility in question is also an option, one must remember that the nursing home has a reputation to protect and may not be accommodating to your inquiry. The person in charge of the facility could attempt to cover up a problem. Accusations of sexual misconducted are not something that a facility wants to be leaked to the public.

There is no need to wait to contact an attorney if you suspect there have been incidents of nursing home abuse, time is an essential factor. Physical signs of abuse may be present on a patient but may fade over time, and there may also be other evidence available that could be beneficial to the case. The patient in question may be capable of expressing what is going on, but they may be intimidated by an employee at their nursing home. Patients who are unable to communicate are often the victimized and targeted for their incapacity to name an abuser.  Although a patient may not be able to explain what has been going on, it’s crucial to trust your judgment and act promptly on any potential situation.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Finding the right lawyer in your area will help with the process of documenting abuse and taking steps toward justice. A civil lawsuit can be used to seek compensation for the victim. Let our experienced team analyze what is going on with your situation. Not only will we pinpoint the best course of action, but you will be involved in the whole process regarding what the best course of action would be at each stage. It’s important to take these steps to stop the immediate abuse and to prevent other people from being abused in the future.

It’s ideal that you use a reputable and trustworthy attorney in your area for a nursing home abuse case. This will ensure that the proper steps are taken to obtain the best outcome from the situation. Many people should be held accountable when abuse occurs in a nursing home facility. It is also vital that you ensure your loved one is in a comfortable and safe facility where they are receiving the best care. Contact KBA Attorneys for more information.