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Negligence In Nursing Homes

As individuals age, they may experience physical or mental conditions that render them vulnerable to the actions of unethical people that subject them to elder abuse. One noted form of elder abuse is nursing home negligence.

Those currently living in nursing homes or have close family members residing in such facilities should understand the various forms of nursing home neglect, the signs one exposed to such treatment might display, and actions victims and their loved ones can take as a result.

Types Of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home neglect can take many forms. The most obvious and glaring manifestation is the physical abuse of a resident by an institution’s staff members, or more importantly that no one has noticed warning signs. That said, neglect can happen through the inactions of staff, such as deliberate withholding of food, inadequate medical care or medications, as well as the failure to move, bathe or take immobile residents to use the bathroom.