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Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Sexual abuse and misconduct within the Catholic Church is an issue that has plagued their institutions and the country for decades. These cases and claims are not and will not be taken lightly or brushed aside.

Clergy members within the Catholic Church have made headlines with accusations of horrendous acts of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct involving children including, but not limited to, rape, molestation, and sexual assault. These horrific crimes take away the innocence of children and create deep, complex wounds that could cause continuing suffering for years to come. Regardless of age, sexual abuse by a priest or any trusting authority figure causes extremely traumatic physical and emotional pain for the victims. Unfortunately, many of these victims are children and find it painful to speak out or seek help because they are ashamed of their experiences and are afraid that no one will believe their stories.

Many believe that there is little to be done when faced up against such enormous organizations like the Catholic Church. However, no organization is above the law and victims can use the full extent of the law to bring these criminals to justice. The information found from recent investigations about the sexual harassment committed by priests will help those who have been victimized and are filing lawsuits. These reports can help victims know they are not alone and hopefully gives them the courage to seek others that will fight for their rights.

Update December 2018: New List of Accused Catholic Priests – Includes Priests Assigned in Maryland

A recent report from Illinois discovered that the names of at least 500 priests from the Catholic Church accused of sexual misconduct had been withheld from the public and in some cases, law enforcement1.

The Maryland Province of Jesuits released a list containing the names of about 30 priests accused of sexual abuse of children since 19501. Each of the priests is said to have credible accusations for their alleged crimes. This investigation was conducted over several years and looked into the allegations of sexual abuse in six dioceses in Pennsylvania and found new information that was unknown to the Archdiocese2. Some of the accused priests have already passed away, and some have been laicized, meaning they lost their status as an influential member of the clergy. The Archdiocese of Baltimore also notes that all of the priests from this list are not in their ministry and have had their faculties to function as a priest in the Archdiocese of Baltimore permanently removed.

Provided here is the list of the names of priests who are from the Maryland province, have served in the Maryland province, and have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors since 19504. For the full letter from the Maryland Province Jesuits and more details about the accused priests, click here.

(1)  Priests who are current Maryland Province Jesuits or from another Province but whose offense took place in the Maryland Province.
•  Micahel L. Barber
•  Neil P. McLaughlin
•  J-Glenn Murray
•  Claude L. Ory
•  William J. Walsh

(2)  Priests who were former Maryland Province Jesuits, former Priests who were from another Province but whose offense took place in the Maryland Province, or priests who are deceased.
•  Louis A. Bonacci
•  Francis C. Bourbon
•  H. Cornell Bradley
•  C. Jeffries Burton
•  Charles G. Coyle
•  John H. Duggan
•  Stephen M. Garrity
•  Garrett D. Orr

(3)  Priests with an allegation of sexual abuse that could not be fully investigated, but for which there is a reasonable possibility of the crime.
•    John F.X. Bellwoar
•  Martin J. Casey
•  Robert B. Cullen
•  Arthur J. Long
•  Thomas E. Pyne
•  William Wehrle

(4)  Priests from other provinces who served in the Maryland Province at one time and were named by other provinces.
•  Charles Bartles
•  Jaime Guzman
•  Francis M. Landwermeyer
•  Vincent R. Malatesta
•  Austin N. Park

(5)  Men who have at some point studied in the Maryland Province.
•  Joseph A. Balfe
•  Paul F. Corkery
•  Mark Falvey
•  Augustine J Ferretti
•  Louis Taelman

Defense Against Sexual Abuse by the Catholic Church

Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church against minors stretches to almost every level of the organization - priests, nuns, pastors, ministers, bishops,  reverends. Unfortunately, youth group leaders, choir directors, and Sunday school teachers have also had accusations of sexual abuse.

Many of these sexual offenders become relocated to other provinces and parishes in different states or even different countries meaning that these criminal pedophiles can abuse more children, leaving their previous victims with traumatic experiences and no justice. The Catholic Church is also known to cover up allegations or withhold information that might lead to the crime. Many cases would not exist without there being protection provided by this institution which is said to harbor these pedophile priests. Many of these accused priests are repeat offenders and remain active pedophiles. As they get shuffled around by the church across the state or country, they may continue to abuse more and more innocent children.

Have You Been Sexually Abused by A Catholic Church Priest?

The experienced and professional attorneys at KBA Attorneys offer their legal services to help victims of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church. It is essential that those who have been affected by this issue seek legal assistance to get justice and the compensation they deserve. Based on KBA attorney, Brian Ketterer’s experience with sexual abuse cases, the criminal justice system doesn’t always allow defendants to get the full compensation they deserve. Our lawyers will investigate and do our research on your case so that we can find the liable parties and bring them to justice. Not only is the priest responsible for alleged crimes but the church itself may also be liable for failing to stop the abuse from occurring.

We understand the long-term destructive effects that sexual abuse can have on an individual, and in these cases, innocent children. Our attorneys handle these types of situations with confidentiality and care for our client’s well-being. The attorneys at KBA have years of experience with sexual misconduct cases and will use every resource at their disposal to help clients find justice and closure to these traumatic experiences.

If you were sexually abused, raped, molested, inappropriately touched, or experienced any sexual misconduct involving a priest or any other church official then contact KBA Attorneys and receive a free case evaluation. Let us help you confront your abuser and protect your legal rights.

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