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14 Jan
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Woman in Vegetative State Gives Birth After Being Raped

A Phoenix woman, who is in a vegetative state and being cared for in a nursing home, recently went into labor, according to an ABC 13 news report. This lead authorities to begin investigating it as a rape. Another horrendous issue circling this situation is that the nurses at this facility didn’t even know that this patient was pregnant until she went into labor, leading to many questions regarding the care at this facility.

This woman has been in the nursing facility for roughly 14 years, after becoming vegetative from a drowning incident that almost killed her. Many employees would have had access to her room over this long period, as she required around the clock care. This led the facility to implement a rule that male nurses must have a female nurse with them when entering a female patients room; however, this rule is too little too late. The facility that houses this woman cares for roughly 2,500 patients each year, and if this happened to one, it could have happened to many, most of whom cannot defend or care for themselves.

Ongoing Issue in Nursing Homes

This woman is one of many who experiences nursing home abuse and neglect every year. Sometimes this is the product of having bad employees at the facility, but most of the time it comes down to the issue of understaffing and bad business decisions on the part of those that operate and own the facility. Although nursing homes and facilities are required to abide by many different laws, (Nursing Home Reform Act, Medicaid and Medicare, Social Security Act, Older Americans Act, Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, and more) many of the laws fall by the wayside to protect revenue and other factors necessary to run a for-profit business. However, these business decisions tend to affect the residents they are required to care for negatively.

Not only do these cases of abuse and neglect hurt the individual, but their families and friends as well. Sending a loved one to a nursing facility is not a decision that is taken lightly, and because of that many choose to pay more for a home they believe is going to take care of their loved one and ensure that they are comfortable through their golden years. The caretakers that assume the responsibility of caring for these families loved ones need to feel trustworthy, but it seems that their trust was taken advantage of. With cases such as this, it tears families emotions apart knowing that their loved one was not being cared for the proper way, and it deserves strict legal action.

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