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Defective Devices

Defective medical devices come in various forms and can lead to injury, pain, and even death. High-risk medical devices and the manufacturers will be covered in this blog.

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DePuy Pays $120 Million to Settle Hip-Implant Allegations

After claims of defective hip implants & deceptive practices, DePuy settles to pay $120 million. Call KBA Attorneys if you’ve been affected by DePuy’s implants.

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3M Military Earplugs Lawsuit Filed By Texas Veteran

A veteran of the U.S. military has decided to file a lawsuit against 3m Company, who provided Combat Arms earplugs to those that served in the military between 2002 and 2013.

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Questionnaires, Surveys, Follow-up Calls, and Dealing with Hospitals after Receiving Care: Tread Carefully to Protect Medical Malpractice Claims

A skillful lawyer can often deal with surveys, questionnaires, and a layperson’s statements to a risk manager, so first and foremost, take care of yourself and do what is in your best interest.

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Allergan Recall Highlights Breast Implant Cancer Risk

Textured breast implants from Allergan have been recalled & studies link them to cancer risk. Call KBA Attorneys to file a lawsuit for compensation.

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3M Agrees to Settlement of $9.1 Million Over Defective Military Earplugs

3M will pay $9.1 million to U.S. government for defective military earplugs potentially linked to hearing loss. Call KBA Attorneys if you have been affected.

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